Training the Teacher

Strategies for present minded teaching and therefore fully engaging students

Mindfulness for Educators is an experiential course that combines the practices and themes of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum with recent research on the development of Emotional Intelligence to train educators to develop a personal mindfulness practice. Rather than a strict, pre-determined course curriculum, this course may be adapted to last from 6 - 10 weeks and may be amended in other ways to best fit the unique needs of each educational environment.

NOTE:  This training qualifies as a prerequisite for educators interested in training to teach mindfulness curriculumn designed for students including Mindful Schools, Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP), Learning to Breathe (L2B) and others.


This workshop is designed specifically to meet the needs of educators and includes:

  • An overview of the philosophy of MBSR with guided meditation instruction (breath awareness, gentle stretching, mindful moving)
  • Home practice materials, including handouts and guided recordings, to begin a daily practice during the program
  • Educational materials on the mechanisms of human attention and perception, the physiological and psychological components of the stress reaction, and relevant neuroscience research
  • Guided meditation, gentle stretching and mindful movement appropriate for the work environment
  • An understanding of the scientific research that supports a mindfulness practice in the educational environment
  • Group and solitary exercises to enhance emotional intelligence and strengthen interpersonal skills.


  • Increased concentration, clarity of thought and creative thinking
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence for a deeper understanding of students and their unique learning styles and academic and social-emotional challenges
  • Practical stress reduction techniques for a sense of calm and mastery in difficult teaching situations

If you are an educational institution or school administrator who is interested in developing a program adapted to the needs of your staff or to discuss options, please contact us here